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Wee Thrifty Wednesday

Hi all! I decided to do a Ellie fashion post, but she wasn’t wearing any vintage today.  She was wearing several thrifted things though, so I am making it a thrifty wee post instead 😉

This little lady is going to be turning 8 months old on the 31st!  I cannot believe how big she is.  She is now sitting up and eating cheerios.  She is just too much fun!

She has also started wearing cloth diapers with her brother in the last few weeks.  I just couldn’t shell out $100 + a month for diapers and wipes anymore.  My sister in law helped me out a bunch and we are doing great with the cloth!  I am finding out what I like and don’t like and love that I never run out of diapers at 11 p.m. anymore 😉  I have also purchased a few diaper patterns and may have to attempt to make a few myself!

This jacket is probably my most favorite thrift score ever.  I have an eagle’s eye for spotting Oilily clothing and I have found a few here and there over the years, but this one takes the cake.  Can you stand the ruffles and the Matyroshka dolls?  I collect those!  I adore them.  Now my baby has a jacket with them all over it.  I die.

Her moccasins are my other favorite find.  They are pink and they have scalloped edging.  They are perfectly girly and I found them brand new for under $5.   The box is a gem in and of itself!  They are made in Quebec Canada by a mother and son team are are called Laurentian Chief.  They stay on really well too, also very important 😉

So bring on the 9th month little one, you are too fun and we love you!

xoxo, Mom

outfit details:

jacket – Oilily, thrifted

jeggings – The Children’s Place

Moccasins – Laurentian Chief, thrifted

Happy Wednesday!

Wee Vintage Wednesday 3/14/2012

Today was the most beautiful sunshiney day!  It was in the 60’s and we spent most of the afternoon outdoors.  Eleanor especially loved being out in the sunshine watching all the kids playing and screaming 🙂 This little lady will be 8 months old in about 2 1/2 weeks!  I cannot believe how the time has flown.  She will be turning one before we know it.

I know the weather is just fooling us and it will be back to snowing again soon.  I am so ready for spring.  I however do not love that I am already having horrible seasonal allergies 😦

Can someone please explain to me how I am supposed to handle her cheekies?  Those things kill me.dead.

Here’s another view of the cheeks for those who adore them as much as me 😉

Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the warmer weather and everything coming alive, I know I am!


Outfit details:

smocked dress-handmade and thrifted.

tights-Baby Gap

sweater- Gymboree

chair- Bumbo

Have a great wednesday!


Wee Vintage Wednesday 2/1/2012

Well hello!  Today is the first day of one of my favorite months 🙂  I love February.  I love Valentines Day.  I love that the days are getting longer and the sun is shining more.  I am loving the weather this winter! 🙂

This little lady turned 6 months old yesterday!  Can you even handle those cheeks?  I  confess that I cannot.  I eat up those cheeks  She is just blossoming after a hard decision to end nursing her.  She was not growing properly and was constantly angry/hungry.  My milk was pretty much gone I discovered.  First time I have ever had that happen.  So we gave her formula and she guzzled it like she had been famished in the desert.  She also started sleeping more than one hour at a time that night!  In the last month she has packed on 4-5 pounds alone!

She is also eating solids like a champ!  She loves anything and everything!  Way to go Ellie 🙂  She has also discovered her new love….jumping in her Jumperoo.  She LOVES it.  She also loves to give very slobbery kisses and cut her first tooth earlier this week!  The second one is about to break through, should only be a day or two more.  She has been very pleasant even though I know she has been uncomfortable.

She also appears to know her siblings names.  I am not kidding.  We have tested this several times.  When asked where Rowan is, she will look around until she sees him and lock her eyes on him grinning so big.  Same with Asher and Violet.  It is so cool!

She has discovered her right foot.  Not her left yet.  She also loves to roll around on the floor but has not figured out how to roll onto her tummy yet.  She loves to make spit bubbles and squeal at the top of her lungs.  When she sees me when I go to get her up from naps she squeals and pants like a puppy and smiles as huge as she can.  She is pretty much the most adorable thing ever 🙂  She is also very ticklish and loves to be tickled.

Just look at those chubby little knee caps 🙂

So, baby girl… are amazing.  I want to freeze time, you are growing far too fast.  I love seeing your little personality emerging.  You are just so sweet and love to be around people.  We love you little Elsie.

Outfit Details:

Dress: vintage

Tights: Old Navy

Shoes: vintage by Lullaby

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Pack Family  fundraiser! There are still loads of goodies to buy in support of them!  Go here for more details.


Wee Vintage Wednesday 12/21/2011

Hi there! Another crazy week with a husband who is on call at the hospital what seems every other day.  We are all sick too which makes for fun times. Once again I am left a day late and a dollar short.  Luckily my good husband came to my rescue when he showed me these pictures he took of Rowan the other day.  He was wearing the darling lederhosen pants that I found thrifting a while back.  I think this may be the only chance he has to wear them since it is now the middle of the winter and they are exactly his size now 😦  If any readers are in the market for darling choo choo train lederhosen pants for your little man, I am your gal 😉

It’s hard to see in the photos but there are fun gold buttons that are all totally functional, which I love!

with his curly hair and bare feet I think he looks like a wee hobbit 😉  I love it.

I seriously love that boy 🙂

Happy Wednesday! Linking up to Little Vintage Style.

Outfit details:

lederhosen pants – vintage and thrifted

shirt – garanimals

Wee Vintage Wednesday 12/14/2011

Good morning!  I am so glad that I finally got to dress one of my kids in vintage, take pictures and blog about it!  It has been a crazy month to say the least.  This week features my sweet Violet girl.  She has as much fun with it as I do 😉

it has been really warm here in upstate NY and often times just sweater weather! We picked out this sweet vintage polka dot button shirt and paired it with her vintage pinafore featuring a pig with shoes 🙂  Random, but she loves it


If you are saying to yourself……… “Hey, I had those same barrettes as a girl!”, you would be correct!  These are vintage Goody barrettes and I now have hundreds……I bought them to sell at the craft show and they didn’t do very well even though everyone loved them.  Oh, well.  More for us 😉

Today is another beautiful day!  Happy me 🙂  Have a fantastic Wednesday.

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Wee Vintage Wednesday 11/23/2011

Whew, I made it! 😉  Today I dressed Rowan in vintage.  Both his jacket and overalls were found at a thrift shop.  He loves that the jacket has cars on it and I love how the hood looks all cinched up 🙂  I think overalls are growing on me because this is the second pair I have bought for him.  I loved the color (apple green) and the cut of them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Outfit details:

Jacket – Weather Tamer, vintage.  thrifted

overalls – Health Tex, vintage. thrifted

shirt – Baby Gap

shoes – See Kai Run. thrifted.

Linking up to Little Vintage Style and Small Style

Wee Vintage Wednesday 11/16/11

Man, this month is flying by!  We celebrated Rowan’s birthday on the 11th, he turned 2 🙂  I decided I must dress him in vintage for his birthday, I mean, duh……. right?  I found these little overalls thrift shopping last week and thought they were just adorable.  I usually don’t go for overalls, but they spoke to me.

He got a train set from his Grandparents and it has been a big hit to say the least 🙂  He is obsessed with trains.  He has dog like hearing for train whistles, even inside the house he can detect a distant train and will shout “train” over and over until I say I hear it too 😉

look at those chubby cheeks!  Oh man I devour those things daily.

He also got some toys from us, but compared to the train set they are chopped liver so we won’t even mention them 😉

Oh wait, here is playing with it…..for about 5 seconds……

There was cake and ice cream to be had too.  He managed to blow out his candle all by himself!  What a big boy 🙂  We love this little man, yes we do!

Outfit Details:

Overalls – vintage. thrifted

shirt – Garanimals Target (I think)

shoes – Stride Rite. vintage. thrifted

Train set is from Ikea.  Just in case you were wondering 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Linking up to Little Vintage Style and Small Style.

Photos were taken with Hipstamatic for iphone

Wee Vintage Wednesday 11/9/2011

Whew!  This week has been a little nuts.  I applied to do my first craft show and just got my application accepted but then realized that I have nothing to sell.  What a noob!  My guess is that I need to have stock on hand if doing shows.  Now I have a month to get down to business and I am freaking out, people.

So, vintage time is a nice break.  I love it when it rolls around 🙂

This little fancy pants is getting so big and chubby and I love it!  She is just over 3 months old now and full of personality.  She is also a total body contact sort of gal.  Like  Can I get a breather?

These little photo shoots tick her right off.  I get many more crying and scowly faces than serene smiley ones….

Her dress is one I found thrift shopping last week.  It’s velvety soft.  I love the buttons and the cut.

hat and booties were found a few months ago and finally fit, yay!

This is the flailing limbs pre-meltdown photo.   The end 🙂

Outfit details:

dress – vintage.  thrifted

shirt – vintage. thrifted

hat and booties – vintage, handmade and thrifted

diaper cover – Old Navy

tights – The Children’s Place

quilt – Pinwheels & Postage Stamps  free tutorial on my blog HERE

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Wee Vintage Wednesday 11/2/2011

Good morning!  Technically…….(12:06 a.m. here in good ole NY).  I am getting this post in because who knows how tomorrow will go.  This week features my little Violet girl.  She is wearing a smock/swing top/dress…….not quite sure what to call it other than adorable, that I found a while back and just found in storage as I was organizing and putting the summer clothes away.

Now, this top is handmade and I am not positive that it is really vintage.  It looks like a vintage cut/style, so I am going with it 🙂  I simply adore the fabric print, it looks like little cherries, but messy cherries……does that even make sense?  Remember, midnight here and my brain has already gone to bed 😉

It is smocked completely by hand (as in not a pre-gathered panel that has then been embroidered).  Gosh I am a sucker for smocking.  I fully intend to learn this skill.  It makes my insides all jello like….love.

There is also smocking on the sleeves at the wrist making it flare out all ruffly over her hands.  Totally adorable.  She is showing off the large fake spider she found while walking back from the bus stop.  Some poor trick or treater must have dropped it last night.

Closeup of the fabric and lovely smocking

It is so flowy and perfect for little girl twirls….she loves to twirl 🙂

We paired it with some skinny jeans and moccasins.  Yum.

It was a perfect and WARM fall day today.  It was lovely.  Happy Wednesday!

Outfit Details:

Shirt – vintage (I think), handmade and thrifted

Pants – Old Navy skinny jeans

Shoes – moccasins by Exhilaration

Hair bow – made by me (wool felt)

Have a nice sleep and wonderful day everyone!

Linking up to Little Vintage Style and Small Style.

p.s. photos were taken with my iphone using the Hipstamatic app.

Wee Vintage Wednesday 10/26/2011

It is really fall now in upstate NY, leaves are changing and falling and the air is crisp and cold.  Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year.  I love everything about it……..the sights, the smells, the desire to bundle up and sip warm beverages…..sigh 🙂  Rowan is really fascinated with the change of the leaves this year and we have been heading out doors to play in them whenever the weather and his little sister allows 😉

Here he is soaking up the outdoors.  He is wearing a darling vintage sweater I found thrift shopping a few months ago.  I think I literally squealed when I saw it and then again when I could tell it was his size 🙂  It is marked size 3 but fits him perfectly at 2. It reminds me of scandinavian design, which I totally adore.

He is awfully dapper………

and silly……..

and playful.

I had some fantastic shoes luck a few weeks ago.  I had been dreaming of finding some saddle shoes for him.  I had some when I was little and I loved them. Lookie what I found!  For under $5 I might add!

So, fall=love in these parts… about you?  Are you enjoying fall?

Outfit Details:

sweater – vintage. thrifted

pants – Tea Collection

socks – Baby Gap

shoes – Stride Rite. vintage. thrifted

will link up to Little Vintage Style, Small Style and Mod Baby once they are up!

Happy Wednesday!

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