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My mason jar is cozy, just look at it 🙂 I knitted this up quickly in an evening using some Tosh DK in cove.

I am in love with the Cuppow lid I picked up yesterday as well. Perfect for car coffee or cocoa sipping. Tea too if that is your thing 😉

The pattern is from Miso Crafty and is free. You can see my project here.

Happy Thursday!

The things you find

When looking for something entirely different!  I made this shawl in January right after I learned how to knit.  I didn’t love it and didn’t know how/dare to block it.  I packed it away in a bin with some other knitted things and I was rummaging around yesterday trying to find something and came across it.  I decided to block it right then and there.  It was big before and it grew a lot.  It is seriously large and it is GORGEOUS!  The yarn and the pattern, Mmmmm.

The pattern is called Nairi (on Ravelry) and the yarn is Malabrigo Rios in the colorway Sunset.  Malabrigo is one of my favorite yarns.  Especially the Rios.  Not only is it superwash, it is the softest merino I have ever felt.  So squishy too.

It was a beast to block.  In hindsight I think I would have used my blocking wires for the entire thing, even the points….duh.  I used T-pins instead on the points.  So many points.  Ridiculous.  I am really glad that I bought an extra pack of the foam interlocking mats for blocking from Harbor Freight and I am ticked at myself for not buying another package or two of the T-pins since I ran out and had to use regular steel pins.


I do love it so.  The color is just amazing.  The softness, squishiness and airiness even though it is worsted weight.  This is going to get worn a whole bunch.  Details on my Ravelry page.

Happy Thursday! 🙂



Almost there!

I have been working every second that I can on this blanket (Super Easy Baby Blanket from the Purl Bee). I think it’s going to be so lovely. It is also so warm. I think that is why I crave knitting it. Not only is it super easy (just like the name of the pattern) but I love the feeling of it on my lap as I knit.

The color I am using right now is called Antler by Madeline Tosh and it is my favorite I think. So pretty in real life.

I hope to have this done in the next few days and get it in the mail. It will be so perfect for the cold weather coming.

Happy Tuesday!

Busy fingers

I have been keeping busy lately.  Been sewing a lot (clothes for Violet) and knitting a lot more.  I am craving fall and knitting gets me right in the mood.  I finally finished my Streusel shawl and blocked it.  Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon colorway.  I wish I loved this yarn more.  It is a lot more scratchy than others I have used despite it also being Merino.  I expected it to soften after soaking but it feels about the same.  The color is stunning though.  I used blocking wires for the first time….SOLD.  They make blocking a breeze.  Can’t believe I waited this long to get them.


I am also working on a few baby blankets. This one is from the Purl Bee and is called Super Easy Baby Blanket. Yarn is all Madeline Tosh Vintage.  Colors are Graphite, Winter Wheat, Terrarium, Celedon, Antler, Golden Hickory and Smokestack.  I love this yarn.  So soft.  I was bummed that two of the skeins had knots in them.  I have never had that happen with Tosh before, so I am hoping it was a fluke.


The other blanket I am working on is the Chalice Baby Blanket.  I am using up the rest of my Malabrigo Rios in Teal Feather.  I absolutely love Rios.  It is the softest, squishiest yarn ever.  This blanket is going super fast compared to the other.

In happy thrifting news, we found a great record player on Craigslist and also scored in the vinyl department at the thrifts and have been enjoying listening to them non stop.  I even found the same Simon and Garfunkel record that my parents had when I was growing up.  Love.  We also scored this darling dresser/changing table for free and are in the process of sanding and repainting.

You know I am so sad that the daisy liner in the drawers has to go.  So adorable.

So, that’s about it.  Kids are in school making the days run a lot more smoothly.  The two little ones and I are finding a good routine and exploring too.  Things are pretty good 🙂

Happy Tuesday.



Twirly apron skirt

Last night I had an idea spark. I had visions of a skirt for Violet featuring an apron.

I decided to try it out today. I am happy to say it not only worked out, but that it turned out exactly how I had wanted it to! That doesn’t happen very often.





Fabrics are from Kokka and Denyse Schmidt. I am unsure what the medallion fabric is.
Have a wonderful weekend!


I have it in loads. I also have kids who are driving me batty. School doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. Help! (glad I took a picture of this since it is the only way I realized I was about to cut it the wrong way!)

Happy Thursday!

Going to my LYS tonight to finish the sweater I made!

Wee Vintage Wednesday 8/22/2012

I just had to share some of these photos we had taken of little miss Eleanor for her first birthday.  My friend Sarah Costa took them, if you are in the Portland area and need someone amazing to take some pictures, she is your gal!

I chose almost all vintage clothing for her to wear for the photos and Sarah brought some fabulous vintage quilts.  It was magical 🙂

You can see more here.

Since we have no family in the area, we kept it pretty low key on her birthday.  We got cake and sang happy birthday and she was in heaven.

We love her so much, I can’t believe it has been a year since we met this little sweet cheeks.

Outfit details:

Dresses- all vintage

Bonnet- The Sleeping Willow

Pom Pom garland – Giddy 4 Paisley

Bib-handmade from vintage sheet

Happy Wednesday.


It has been a crazy past few months.  Picking up blogging has been really hard and seemed too hard of a task, but I have been busy with my hands.  I think it has kept me sane through this whole moving experience.  Looking back I can’t believe we actually picked up and moved from coast to coast with kids and trailer in tow!  We made it (even with all 4 kids getting the flu) and we are mostly moved in and getting into the groove of life in the Pacific Northwest.

We are settled for now in Vancouver, Washington.  It is pretty great because our neighborhood sits right at the beach of the Columbia River.  We have been spending lots of days there.

And picking lots of these (they grow wild everywhere here)

And celebrating this little one’s first year birthday!

and getting my hair cut in an RV salon in a food truck court or pod.  That was a cool experience!

Portland is everything I hoped it would be and more.  It is such a cool place.

I have met several online friends I have had for years in real life and even spent all day Sunday shopping with Ale of The Golden Willow Kim of Perfection Not Included and Sarah Costa.  It was so much fun and so great to “meet” friends you already know and don’t have to go through that awkward getting to know you stage.

I attended my first PMQG meeting and it was mind blowing!  Coming from Rochester where I literally had 2 friends who liked to sew and craft and only one quilt shop in the entire town to Portland where there are so many shops to cater to any crafty urge you might have and then have an awesome quilting guild right there is just amazing! I was a little star struck from it all.

Crafting aside, we have been exploring all the outdoors here and have even made a trip to the coast to Cannon Beach.  It has been a lot of fun so far.

Things that have been keeping me busy?  Knitting mostly.  Portable and relaxing.  It has saved me many times.  I finished a few items and I am working on a few more.  Most importantly, I blocked for the first time and also made my first sweater!  Never thought I would be able to say that!

Glam Shells


Gathering Stripes

I have even done a little bit of thrifting and found something really good!

I am excited to be back and blogging.  I can’t wait to start on some new adventures and FINALLY get back into sewing after such a long hiatus.  I am finally in the mood…….imagine that 😉

From coast to coast

Hello friends!  I have been absent a long time from the blog.  We are getting ready to move all the way across the country to the Portland, Oregon area!  We are thrilled and excited and also very exhausted from all that entails.  We are leaving in the next two weeks and I am sure I will continue to be scarce.  I hope to be back soon and have lots to blog about.  Have a happy and wonderful Saturday! 🙂


I love it when someone you love

Makes something spectacular and lovely 🙂  My dear friend Eliza or Wrenne in the music world is so inspiring to me.  We have been friends since we were babies and I have always known her as one of the nicest people I have ever known.  You know the type.  Not a mean bone in their body type.  Just full of joy.  Creative beyond belief.  That’s Eliza.  I love her.

She moved away after high school and went to England.  She wanted to be a musician.  She has always been so insanely talented musically.  She has been at it this entire time and she just came out with her first single, Come Alive!  I just love it and had to share it 🙂 How sweet is the video with her daughter!

You can download Come Alive for FREE from the Wrenne Facebook page the download link is near the like button.

Have a listen, enjoy the fabulous song and happy Friday! 🙂

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