Pack Family Fundraiser

Hello everyone!  I want to get started showcasing the goodies that will be donated to the Pack family, but first I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who pitched in and so generously gave of their time, talent and money to this.  It makes me feel so happy that the money raised will go to the Packs and aid in their recovery.

If this is the first you are hearing about this family, they were hit with tragedy over the Holidays when on Christmas Eve they were hit by another car on their way home from a party.  They were all critically injured and on Christmas Day their sweet baby boy Colum passed away from his injuries.  Their son Finn and Ryan have discharged from the hospital and are doing well!  Kelly is still in the hospital undergoing surgeries and therapy.  The driver that caused the accident was not insured and the financial burden resulting has been placed on this sweet family. The money raised from these sales will directly go to the family via Paypal or trust funds set up at various banks.  Please see the website set up for them for more information on ways to donate if interested.

The way I have set this fundraiser up is that I will provide links and descriptions to the items being sold for donations and then the communication will then go between the buyer and actual seller of the goods.  Each seller has come up with an amount to donate that will be agreed upon between the parties and is stated here in this post.  Receipt of donation will be provided by the seller (be sure to let them know if you want an actual paper copy of donation). For all etsy stores participating, the items being donated are tagged with “kellypack” to be easily searchable.  You can type that in on Etsy’s main page and see a list of everything all at once.

Sound good?  Good! Let’s get started!

A reader named Jessica Prescott contacted me wanting to donate some of her sales.  He runs two companies and has generously offered 50% of all sales to go towards the Pack Family! Please let her know you are purchasing for the Packs.  Here is a little bit about her:

 I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys ages 1 and 5. I just got married in Sept and I live in Wisconsin and I will be going back to school in the fall of 2012.

She has a storefront through Tastefully Simple.  Here is what Tastefully Simple says they are all about:

We offer a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives. Our products are available through independent Tastefully Simple consultants primarily at home taste-testing parties nationwide.

They have loads of stuff that would be perfect to prepare for Superbowl Sunday!  I think the Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip sounds especially delicious!

She also has a storefront through Avon.  We all know what Avon is, right?  They sell great makeup and beauty products at an affordable price!  I really love their lip glosses and want to try the Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation!

A reader named Katie also contacted me wanting to help.  She has offered 100% (minus fees) of the proceeds  to the Packs!  She makes darling tag blankies and decorative clipboards. She is offering two blankies and one clipboard!  If these sell quickly she will come up with some more donations!  You can contact her at to purchase.  Here is what she had to say about the tag blankies:

These blankets are the perfect gift for a newborn baby. They make great little lovelys for them to carry around. You can also hook links onto the ribbons and put toys on them. Babies love all the different textures and Mom loves that its small, easy to throw in a diaper bag or carseat and won’t get dragged on the floor like a favorite blanket when they begin walking. $5 each.

Here is a little about the clipboard:

Check out these darling new clipboards. Small clipboards are $5 each.  They are a perfect gift for a school teacher, kids, work great in cars for kids, recipe holder, you name it it works!

Sweet Pea Felts makes the CUTEST toys out of pure wool.  I had the honor of meeting Amy at the Hearts and Crafts show and my jaw dropped at all of her creations.  She specializes in Waldorf dolls and other little creatures that melt your heart.  Her workmanship is out of this world amazing.  I wish I could take one of everything she makes home with me.  My children could not stop talking about all the things at her table 🙂  I made sure I came home with something she made. Just gorgeous. Amy is offering these items with 100% of the proceeds (minus fees) going to the Packs.  She is going to feature these on her blog and the transaction will take place through email (sweetpeafelts [at] gmail (dot) com) and Paypal.

Wishing Wands 2

Magic Wand

Penguin Finger Puppet With Stand

Wool Felt Crown

6. Bombshell Bling Jewelry holds a special place in my heart.  Sarah, the genius behind the bling is a good friend of mine from my med school wife days in St. Louis 🙂  I used to hold jewelry making classes at my home and she was one of my most eager students!  She took off with raw talent and now look at what she makes!  She puts me to shame 🙂 Sarah is offering these gorgeous earrings in several colors.  She will be donating 100% (minus fees) proceeds to the Pack family.


Purple and Clear

Turquoise and Clear

 Artwork By Gina. Gina is a friend of mine from my high school days.  She is incredibly talented and has generously offered these two prints on her blog. She is willing to print off as many as will sell in 8×10 and 11×14 sizes! You can contact her at happycatof2 [at] yahoo (dot) com to purchase.

8×10 or 11×14 printed on premium cardstock 

8×10 or 11×14 printed on premium cardstock

 Baubles And Bits.  That’s me 🙂 I will be giving 100% (minus fees) of proceeds to the Packs. I am donating a few quilts, baby bibs and baby boots.

Teal Velvet Ruffled Baby Boots 0-6 months.

Pink Bouquet Vintage Sheet Reversible Quilted Baby Bib

Yellow Gingham Vintage Sheet Reversible Quilted Baby Bib

Stripey Vintage Sheet Quilted Reversible Baby Bib

Plaid Vintage Sheet Reversible Baby Bib

Purple Floral Vintage Sheet Quilted Baby Bib

Vintage Floral Quilted Drooler Bib

Houndstooth and Mustard Ruffle Baby Boots 0-6 Months

Polkadot Print Company is run by my sister in law Rachel. She is pretty awesome at computer stuff.  Like, she taught herself everything she knows.  And she knows A LOT. She is offering these darling prints from her Etsy shop.  100% of proceeds (minus fees) will be donated.

We Can Do Hard Things Print 8×10

Personalized Important Dates Print 8×10

Heart Family Name Print 8×10

2 Places We Love Print 8×10

10. Blue Blossom Girl is a sewing friend I met online.  She makes fabulous hand sewn accessories and gifts.  She has an amazing eye for color and detail.  She is offering 100% (minus fees) of the proceeds to the Packs.

Flirt Apron (second photo shows fit)

Ruby Star Rising Tote

That’s it!  That’s all she wrote!  Now, go shopping 🙂  XOXO


7 Responses to “Pack Family Fundraiser”

  1. 1 Sarah McKenna January 6, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Fabulous items! Thanks for the kind words. Never EVER would have gotten started without you!! 🙂

  2. 2 Katie L January 19, 2012 at 9:07 am

    I really want to donate something to this. Will you contact me please?

  3. 3 Mary Ann B January 21, 2012 at 5:07 am

    Purchased that beautiful scarf today… prayers going out to the Pack family and will think of them every time I look and wear the scarf. All of you are very special people to contribute your talents to helping to raise money for them. May God bless you all!

  4. 5 Jentrey Potter February 7, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Are you still accepting donations? Lmk.

    I have 2 etsy shops that I would be happy to offer 25% of proceeds to this family. & . I don’t know them from Adam & Eve, but their story touched my heart. I have 4 kids & 1 on the way. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. Their Colum reminds me of my youngest little man….he can make me crazy & make my world all at the same time!

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