A Call For Help!

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This beautiful family has had tragedy strike them.  Ryan Pack (the father) grew up with me and was always the nicest guy.  Kelly also went to high school with me.  On Christmas Eve, they were in a horrible car crash on their way back home to American Fork, Utah from a Christmas party.  They were hit head on at high speed by a man driving a suburban who veered over the median and directly into their way.  All four family members were in critical condition.  Their sweet 18 month old, Colum, passed away on Christmas day.  He suffered a spinal cord injury that could not be remedied.  He died in his mother’s arms.

Their three year old son Finn, has been released from the hospital and is reported to be doing well, but Kelly and Ryan remain in critical care with months ahead of them full of surgeries and therapy.

My heart has not felt this heavy in a long time.  I cannot seem to focus on my own life.  I cannot stop thinking and crying about this sweet family and this cruel event.  I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child.  The timing of it all.  The Holidays and Kelly’s birthday being yesterday. I have been wishing there was something to do or say to lighten their burden ever so slightly.

The website being run by their family members has a link for monetary donations. I wanted to do something but knowing I didn’t have a lot of extra money at this time of year I thought maybe I could put my talents to good use.  I thought maybe I could make things and donate the money to their paypal account.

So, here is my call for help.  Is there anyone who wants to join me?  It can be anything!  What I want to do is write up a blog post with detailed pictures and links to things people want to donate sales from.  I would love to have loads of links to direct people to.  I plan on donating 100% of my personal proceeds to the family, but really, any percent would be fantastic!

If you read this and would like to participate, please email me at sew she sews at gmail (dot) com.  You would not have to ship anything to me, just a write up of what you are selling, pictures, links to the items in your shop and the amount of the sale you would be donating (this info would need to be specified within your item description in your shop).  Then when the item was purchased, you would ship the item along with a copy of the payment receipt to their paypal account.  Don’t have a Paypal account? Check here for other ways to donate. Simple really. I am using my Etsy shop which is fantastic and free to set up.  You can use whichever store front you feel most comfortable with.

This does not have to be limited to crafters!  Sell vintage clothing?  Perfect!  Sell digital scrapbook supplies?  Perfect!  Anything that can fetch a dollar is game!

I would really like to shoot for launching this whole thing by next weekend.

This is the perfect opportunity to practice what this time of year is all about.  Serving our fellow man.  Their road is going to be so hard and painful, please let’s help them a little financially to lighten their load a bit.  Every penny helps.  Thanks friends and Happy Holidays!




9 Responses to “A Call For Help!”

  1. 1 Pam Frederick December 29, 2011 at 6:36 pm


    This story is heart-wrenching. I will definitely be praying for this family. I will be happy to donate a percentage of my Etsy sales. Can you explain exactly what I need to do to get the funds to the correct PayPal account?

    Pam F.

    • 2 sewshesews December 29, 2011 at 6:49 pm

      Thank you Pam! I have now linked up the paypal button in my post. You can click it and donate directly when you make a sale!

  2. 3 Rebecca December 29, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    I sent you an email – I have one question though, if I happen to sell the item to a client outside of Etsy, is it possible to just send a check to help? Where would I send it – thank you.


  3. 5 Mindi December 29, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I love this Jamie! I’ll think of what things I can sell 🙂 thanks my dear!!

  4. 6 Heather Johnsn December 29, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    This story is heart wrenching. Just typing this comment brings tears. I would like to help. I will email you when I get back to a computer.

  5. 7 leslie December 29, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    absolutely horrible and heartbreaking. i will get some items in my etsy space and help and i have outside sales pending.

  6. 8 Jody December 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Honestly, I feel almost sick to my stomach reading this…..this is absolutely gut wrenching….this poor family….losing a child is beyond imaginable! My children are roughly the same age….my thoughts and prayers are with them all!

  7. 9 Sarah January 14, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Hey Jaime,
    I just found out about the Pack family (which is crazy considering I live in American Fork) as someone posted about their story on FB. I followed links and found your blog and this post. I realize you posted this almost 2 weeks ago so thought I’d ask how your response was? I clicked on your etsy site (and oh my gosh those vintage booties are to die for, I wish my little girl wasn’t almost 2 or I’d want them for her) and didn’t really see anything to let me know if you’re still doing it, etc.

    I ran an online auction for a family who lost a 7 month old daughter in the summer…I had the same feelings as you, I was consumed by the family and the loss and I didn’t have money to contribute to help but figured I could make things and together we could raise money for the family to help with medical expenses. We ended up raising $7000 from the auction. It was a lot of work for me as I put everything together on the fundraising blog (http://rubyjanetaylor.blogspot.com/ if you scroll down you can see the Mom’s Helping Miss Ruby Jane Auction). Anyway, I thought I’d see if you had much success or if things were still going and / or if you needed a little help?

    You can contact me at inthemiddleofthis at gmail dot com


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