I knew this day would come

Ok, not really, but my main computer has kicked the bucket.  All attempts are being made to fix it, but who knows 😦  I cannot use any new photos for anything as my photo editing software is stored on my main computer.  It has put a halt to my etsy listings which really bums me out since I still have about two garbage bags full of fabric to list 😦

Other things have been occupying my time as well, such as, my baby girl turning 6 years old and chasing my youngest around outside pretty much all day long.  I have loads of pictures of both, but no way to get them online right now.

I thought it would be fun to go through my flickr and pick out something newish that I have not talked about on here.  I cannot believe I forgot to mention this find!

I know I talk your ear(s) off about my thrifty craft store, but I love it so!  It will be a sad, sad day when I move away and won’t have it anymore.  They have the best vintage stuff all the time.  All.the.time.   Seriously, every time I go in there I find something amazing.

This time, someone had donated a large bundle of swedish and other scandinavian embroidery books.  I bought a few and left a few as well.  This one really grabbed me upon first sight and I spent the car ride home gasping and oohing and aaahing over every single page I uncovered.  This one, I found out after some heavy sleuthing, was made for the Society Of Swedish Homes and patterns are by Foreningen for Svensk Hemslojd.  There are 14 in my package.  They are loose leaf and come in a folder.  There are pictures and instructions (all in Swedish) as well as color recommendations for each pattern.  The patterns call for crewel yarn.  The closest I could find to my patterns were on Rugbooks.(this booklet contains 3 patterns)

These patterns are very large scale.  They fold up to be a bit larger than a piece of paper and when unfolded are a few feet in length.  They are approx. 2 feet in length.  They are so intricate and detailed and lovely 🙂  Seriously, one of my favorite finds of the century.

In other crewel embroidery news, I have been working on the second piece that I will hang up once the baby comes.  This one may be even better than the last!  I adore the color layout in this piece and the peacock (not pictured) is just so lovely!  Hopefully I can get a good picture once my computer is back up running.  I still have a ways to go on this one, I can’t wait to see it all done 🙂

And that’s all she wrote!  Have a fabulous Tuesday and if you are working on anything fun and exciting, link me up! 🙂


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