Pretty-fying My Monday

I have been dreaming of doing this to a wall for about a year now.  I first saw it on the Purl Bee website and about died right then and there.  I have thought about it often since then.  Now that my daughter has her very own girly bedroom I finally decided to take the plunge.  It was a little painful cutting into those prized fabrics, but heck!  That is what they are for…..USING!  And, I can reuse them when I am all done displaying them.

I just kinda winged it, then found the tutorial later…..DOH!  I had it pretty right, except I didn’t glue it down before cutting it out and wish I would have.  One thing I did do that they didn’t do in the tutorial was that I heat set my glue.  It just wasn’t staying stuck down.  If you run your hot iron over where  you have glued it fuses it to the hoop (not permanently).  The glue is water soluble and pops right back off when  you want to remove it.

The wall is not quite done yet, a few more hoops to hang (ran out of push pins) and a few more prints on the way.  That is the beauty of this, you can add on whenever since it is a collage look! 🙂

Fabrics I used are from

  • Heather Ross “Mendocino”
  • Heather Ross “Lightning Bugs And Other Mysteries”
  • Heather Ross “Far Far Away”
  • Heather Ross “West Hill”
  • Anna Maria Horner “Garden Party”
  • Amy Butler “Love”
  • Sandi Henderson “Farmers Market”
  • Kokka “Tre`fle”

Has anyone else done this project?  I would love to see more pretty fabric adorned walls!

P.S. I found some down pillow forms at my Tuesday Morning shop for $6.99 each!  I want to do some decorative pillows for her bed.  Any ideas or thoughts?  I thought maybe an embroidered one would be cute!

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