Hooray one down!

I finally finished the fishy quilt late last night.  I washed and dried it this afternoon and it is just lovely.  So soft and crinkly….sigh.  I cannot wait to wrap the baby up in this!  I quilted in grids.  It worked out really well.  I used painters tape for the initial lines and then used my spacer on my walking foot to do the rest.  I think next time I will use a chalk wheel to mark the first line since it was a little difficult to see clearly and sometimes I sewed on top of  the tape and that was a pain in the caboose to get out from under the stitches.

I really love how the backing turned out even if it is a little crooked.  The label washed up great and I love that I can use my own handwriting in the quilt.  I like incorporating it into the backing like that. Then there is no chance that it can later be removed.  I think it is really important to document your work.  I love going antique shopping and being able to find out where things came from or who made them.  I hope that someday my quilts can tell a story of who I was and what my life was like.

I chose Amy Butler Lotus moon dots in slate to bind the quilt with.  I think it matches so well.  I decided to put the binding on totally with my machine.  I read that baby quilts are going to get much more abuse than other quilts and need a sturdier binding.  I don’t like the look as much but I still think it is adorable.  All in all, I am happy and satisfied with how it turned out.  Up next, starting the baby girl quilt and my coin quilt!






1 Response to “Hooray one down!”

  1. 1 eliza July 24, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Jaime! i just read through this and i can’t believe how clever you are! you found a private fabric swapping group, and you know all sorts of sewing lingo. geez. not to mention your kick ass quilts. you ROCK. X

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