I am finally quilting the fishy quilt.  I had my heart set on stippling it and I practiced and practiced and it looked pretty good…..until I would turn it over.  I could never get the tension quite right.  I tried on both my machines.  The singer was just a disaster!  The underside was loop city.  I messed with the tension and then things got really bad and I thought I had done something horrible to my machine.  I finally got it back to where the straight stitches look perfect but as soon as I would try free motion it was the same story.  I tried on my Brother machine and while the stitches looked better (I still had those little pulls on the underneath) I knew that I couldn’t do the actual quilt on there as there is virtually no room to fit a quilt under the neck.  A little depressing.  I really want to be able to master this skill.  I love love love the look of a stippled quilt.  Not sure what I can do.  I have read at least one account of someone getting fantastic results on their Singer 201 free motion quilting, so I must be doing something wrong but I just can’t figure out what it is.

I finally decided to do grid quilting.  I have a walking foot that has the little spacer bar with it and it has been working pretty well.  The singer is a joy to sew straight lines on!  The only issue is that the table is not very big and no my stitches are not totally straight in some places.  Once it gets washed you won’t be able to tell.  Also, since this is an old machine and requires regular oiling I have a few oils spots on the top where it touched an oily spot.  If anyone knows how to get these out I would appreciate any tips.  I know dish soap can but I am not sure how exactly to go about that.


I am really liking how it looks so far!  I am almost halfway done now.  I received a bunch of yummy swap fabrics this week!  I am loving this swap stuff.  I need to slow down a bit I think though.  It is starting to cost a pretty penny to ship all these swaps all over the world.




Right now I need to focus on Etsy orders but all I want to do is finish this quilt.  I am going  to make myself sew orders tonight.

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