The Start Of A Coin Quilt

While I am waiting on a few things to finish up the log cabin quilt I thought I would start cutting the pieces for the coin quilt I am going to do.  I am really excited about this one.  I am still waiting on some yellow of the dogs to get here.  I think I am going to do some stars on the back with the dogs.  That way the quilt is two sided.  I just love these colors 🙂  I am so sad because this will use up the very last of my yellow pez 😦  I love that fabric, I can’t afford to pay $30 for another yard.  It’s always a sad day when you run out of your favorite.  I plan on using the tutorial by the amazing Red Pepper Quilts make sure you read her whole stinkin blog if you haven’t already.  The woman is outta this world amazing!  She is so kind to give all kinds of tips and tutorials.


Fabrics used are by a ton of different designers and lines.  There is Rosemary Lavin, Joel Dewberry, Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Erin McMorris, Michael Miller, American Jane, Heather Ross, and Denyse Schmidt.

These quilts are so great because they use white space and you don’t have to have a lot of the patterns to create it.  You can use up your scraps!  Very cool.

Another fun thing, I got my new quilting presser feet in the mail today for my Singer 201.  This baby was “born” in 1938 in Elizabeth NJ.  It is the coolest machine and can sew through ANYTHING!  I bought a darning foot and a stitch in the ditch and 1/4 foot.  I can’t wait to try them out.  The throat on this machine is huge!  It fits 2 coke cans under there!  I have never quilted on it before and then came across an article talking about how well it does and decided to take the plunge since I can’t afford a bells and whistles machine.  This whole machine cost with all the accessories cost me under $500!  It will last another 3 lifetimes if it is maintained.  It purrs as it goes and the stitches are beautiful!  I just love how these old machines are so mechanical.



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