Save Handmade!!

I have to bring this to everyone’s attention. This issue has literally had me in tears. The impact of this issue is huge. The issue at hand? Saving small businesses that make products for children. A law was passed stating in Feb. all business owners that sell children’s items must undergo rigorous testing of their products that amount to thousands and thousands of dollars!

This was brought about by the big toy corp. who manufacture overseas and bring back lead ridden dangerous toys. Shame on them, yes they should be closely monitored. Not the one person businesses who strive to bring quality SAFE children’s items to todays market.

This does not just include toys people. It included anything and EVERYTHING sold for a child. No more custom made clothing, hairbows, jewelry, toys etc. This includes prizes!! So the dollhouse I am giving away will be illegal in a month even though I took upmost care to make it safe! Unless this law is amended pretty much the WHOLE children’s section of Etsy will be gone for good. I will no longer be able to sell my scarves, booties, jewelry slings etc.

So many people will be forced to close their businesses and with how bad the economy is already it will be so bad. You will no longer be able to find one of a kind handmade items, instead you will be able to find mass produced CRAP!

There is something we can do. We have a voice and it deserves to be heard! I have written my senators, joined facebook groups, signed petitions….We must do all we can to get the law makers take notice and ammend this law to save ALL of these businesses.

I am all for making children’s items safe. This is not the way to do it. I am so sick over this. Something that I have been so passionate about, that I know all of you care about will be over unless they change this law.

PLEASE help me out and all the other millions of Americans this will affect. It will affect all of you too. Help us preserve our art, crafts and talents to share with others. Help us to instill in our children support for artists here in the USA. Please help!

Here is how you can help. Go to THIS website. Read up on the issues. Sign petitions, write your congressmen and women. Get a local buzz going on. Call your news stations and ask them to investigate.

VOTE here for change. Join this FACEBOOK group.

GO HERE to read about why this day is called National Bankruptcy Day and you can even EMAIL your senators right from the site!! You can sign the petition and see other things you can do. You can’t have it much easier than that!

Thanks for listening to me scream about this. It is just so important to me not only for monetary reasons but out of principle. I am SO tired of mass produced crap aren’t you? Aren’t you tired of worrying if that toy you bought from Walmart will break in 5 minutes? What if it has lead paint or other toxic chemicals?

Please help keep artistry and fine craftmanship alive in this fine country!

Thank you.

Here is a button that you can add to your blog and spread the word

Save Handmade Toys

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