What’s That You Say?? You Say A Giveaway?? Camera Strap Cover Giveaway

**Edited to add**
Ok, so I got this darling pattern for flower pins from my friend Jaime and I have been making some up and thought it would be fun to send a matching one out with the camera strap cover. So…..the winner will also get a matching flower brooch! Don’t forget to enter. The contest will end at 11:59 est Dec. 1, 2008.

I have found another use for my mounds of fabric scraps YAY! I have been seeing all these killer camera straps in fun fabrics all over etsy but I didn’t want to cough up the dough for one that Husband will inevitably complain about it being too girly or whatnot, (sheesh!) So I thought about a slip cover like thing to go over the top.

Looks like I am not alone. They are all over the web. Good thinkers I say 🙂 So here is the deal. I have made a bunch for friends and family for Christmas and I wanted to do a little giveaway! See the one saying Win me?

The most bangin thing about these little numbers? Reversible!

That’s right, 2 for the price of one! The one being given away is Amy Butler fabrics front and back. One side is sky blue and olive green and the other is chocolate brown and teal. It is a one of a kind since I only had enough to make one (I lied, I found another scrap today!). You will have to forgive the tag I sewed on there, one of the sides didn’t make it all way into the side seam. Something I am sure most people wouldn’t notice but I am a freak show. So if that bothers you I guess just don’t enter the contest……really it is not bad, please enter! 🙂

They are completely lined with interfacing so they should last a bajillion years and be nice and cushy on your neck unlike the standard handout from Nikon and Canon (have they no hearts?) They measure about 2 1/2″x21″ and should fit most standard DSLR or SLR cameras! If in doubt measure up! 🙂

Here it is on the camera, see how it just spices it up?

Ok here is the rundown. To enter, leave me a message via blog comments *You must give me a way to contact you either email or blog address*. Tell me your name, how you came across this blog and why you think you should win. This is of course to toy with you since I will be having a name drawn to determine the winner 🙂 If you want an extra entry blog about the giveaway and post back here in the comments with your blog address. Sound simple enough? Good! Contest ends Dec. 1st. Good luck!

p.s. These are totally machine washable….and dryable!


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