Scarf For Me!

I FINALLY made myself a scarf!! I have been stashing and waiting for the right fabrics to come along and I finally gathered up my perfect stash and made one for myself yesterday. I love love love it! It is so warm too! I used Anna Marie Horner, Amy Butler and Sandi Henderson fabrics.

Browsing blogs and sites is a favorite past time of mine. I love to find new and creative people and live vicariously through them lol! Some cool new sites and things I have found lately…….

1.Spoonflower. Holy Moses!! This is a site where you can design and make your own fabric! Um yes please! How fun would that be?? It is about $18 a yard and has no minimum order. I think I will have to work on that. I always have ideas of what I want on fabric and then I can never find anything that fits my imagination.

2.Henna For Hair. Completely safe and eco friendly henna hair dyes! It awesome bold bright colors!! The reds are just fantastic. I love having red hair. I may have to do this!! Here are the products

3.The Tattooed Mama. I love me some tattoos!!  Husband hates them so I never get any but a girl can dream. I have one but I actually don’t love the tattoo. I settled on something I really didn’t love and now wish it was different. I got it when I turned 18 in Los Vegas. It was fun though and that I don’t regret. Another awesome tattoo post? Elsie Flannigan and her Red Velvet gals got tattoos recently and I am in love with both of them. See them here and here. I need to get back to the subject haha. This chick Tattoedmama is cool. She has lots of tattoos (obviously) and has a cool pad and does movie give aways all the time. check it out!

4.Decor8. This site is awesome!! Modern decorating ideas.

Ok that’s it for now. Happy Weekend everyone!!!


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