Where are all the hooters?

Hiding beneath these handy “Hooter Hiders”. 🙂 I found this awesome tutorial on a blog and have made a few for friends and my sister in law Katie. I made a couple of slight changes just to make it easier for me. I also found that using 15″ of boning instead of 18″ worked much better and it would be less likely to give anyone standing behind you a peep show 😉 The trick is the boning. It bows out slightly so that you can see what is going on down there while having your hands free! I used to have to stick my head under the blanket to get started and then it would fall off and the kids would pull it off and there would be this rush to cover the family jewels. They are just one layer of cotton fabric so they are not going to make the baby hot like a blanket does. I so wish that I had known about these when I was nursing my kids!! It was awkward nursing in public to say the least. I showed Husband and he was not too impressed. He came to me a few minutes later and said, “Did you really expect me to be excited about something that hides hooters?” lol! What a perv! what a typical guy. So as much as the guy folk disdain the hooter hider I for one love it! So go and make one for yourself or someone you love, their hooters will thank you!

Some rambling:
I know that some women may view these as being embarrassed about breast feeding but I say “Au Contraire.” This makes it more comfortable to nurse (i.e. distractions to the child), hides bumps and bulges, and in my opinion promotes breastfeeding to people who may not otherwise feel comfortable doing so. So I give the hooter hider 2 big thumbs up. Stepping off my soapbox now 🙂

Pretty glittery and floral fabric that I have had stashed for about 3 years!

Some “vintage” Amy Butler that I found at a quilt shop score!

Some wicked Alexander Henry “kleo” fabric

Some more Amy Butler fabric and me pretending to nurse to show how it’s done, holla!

If you make one link me up! I would love to see 🙂


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